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Almond Criss-Crosses Nation on NFRW's 'Destination: White House' Tour

Almond Criss-Crosses Nation on NFRW's 'Destination: White House' Tour
Posted: Nov 9, 2016
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Missouri’s Carrie Almond spent 207 days in 2016 living on an RV. As president of the country’s largest women’s political organization, the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW), Almond understood that 2016 was “THE YEAR” and she set out to motivate the organization’s 65,000 members to give their all to put a Republican in the White House – no excuses, no exceptions, nothing short of excellence.

Almond knew that the most effective leaders lead by example, and so she did. She raised the funds for the organization to purchase an RV, and had it wrapped in red, white, and blue with a pointed message “Get On Board!” and #WomenVoteGOP. She named it Rosie, after her grandmother, who had been appointed ambassador to Luxembourg by President Gerald Ford.

Rosie the RV served as the NFRW’s ambassador as she and Carrie logged over 35,000 miles on the NFRW’s Destination: White House tour, holding rallies in 39 states with local club members and Republican volunteers – sometimes as many as five a day. These rallies served as an important counterpoint to the media’s narrative that the Democrats owned the “women’s vote.”

“Women’s votes and women’s voices matter, and we’re not going to let anyone try to lump us all in a single basket” Carrie would say at stop after stop as she encouraged women to register, to get involved, and to vote.

Her infectious personality and strong determination inspired women across the country. “When you feel you can’t make one more phone call, can’t knock on one more door, when your neighbors turn the other way when they see you coming because they don’t want to hear one more time why it’s so important to put Donald Trump in the White House, think of me, living on Rosie and eating bologna sandwiches. And pick up the phone.”


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