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Republican Women Celebrate First 100 Days of Trump Administration

Republican Women Celebrate First 100 Days of Trump Administration
Posted: Apr 23, 2017
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'We have supported him, voted for him and stood by him, and he has not let us down.'

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – “We are proud that women put President Donald Trump in the White House and we are proud of what he has accomplished in the first 100 days of his administration,” National Federation of Republican Women President Carrie Almond said. “We have supported him, voted for him and stood by him, and he has not let us down.”

“President Trump, on a daily basis, continues to keep his campaign promise to Make America Great Again in spite of filibuster threats, nasty fights on his appointments and the endless barrage of negative press,” Almond continued. “President Trump, we congratulate you and thank you for your tireless dedication to this great nation.” [Celebrate President Trump's First 100 Days with this special video tribute, “Red White and Blue.”]

The centerpiece of these 100 days is the nomination and confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court. President Trump delivered on his promise to fill Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat with another conservative, constitutional originalist, Almond stated, as she listed the administration’s many accomplishments in just over three months.

  • President Trump is protecting us from those who would do us harm by securing our borders. He is stopping the influx of those entering our country illegally and those from around the world with a history of violence.
  • President Trump signed 27 bills into law so far – 13 of which are aimed at reversing Obama-era policies – and he continues to work with Congress on passage of Health Care reform to be followed by Tax Reform.
  • President Trump stood up for those who were gassed and murdered by their government in Syria, unleashing the might of the U.S. military through effective use of airstrikes. 
  • President Trump’s presence is being felt in North Korea and Iran as the U.S. position of strategic patience comes to an end.
  • President Trump has issued 25 executive orders impacting the flow of oil in our country and oil exports, tax regulation impacting U.S. industry and Buy America are a few of the 27 presidential memoranda and 19 proclamations.

 “As vital as all these accomplishments are, the ongoing meetings with international leaders, law enforcement, business leaders, unions, and men and women from all walks of life exemplify his willingness to listen to and learn from our citizenry,” Almond added.

“The importance of continued support for President Trump cannot be overstated,” Almond stressed. “We know our Democrat opponents are still licking their wounds, pouting and plotting ways to block the Trump agenda.  We cannot let up.  This is not just a recitation of President Trump’s accomplishments.  It is a call to action to supporters across the country.”

Read more about President Trump's 100-day accomplishments.

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adilah bisar, 3/25/2020 9:20 AM

AS every politician is bad behavior, even trump also, he has bad with his wife and that's so bad for the whole nation, the employee said, a trump is a good man he manages the who America very good. and i think this true, the wife and another thing his personal matters.

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