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NFRW President Ann Schockett's Special New Year Message

NFRW President Ann Schockett's Special New Year Message
Posted: Jan 10, 2020
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'We are the NFRW! Together, We Will Triumph!'

Year 2020 has arrived. The National Federation of Republican Women stands proud and ready to protect the cherished values of the greatest nation in the world. I am honored to serve alongside you as President during one of the most critical eras in American history. It will be our efforts that will fortify the mission of NFRW and elect more Republicans – and Republican women – than ever before at every level of office from the local to President Donald J. Trump!

So much is at stake! Our values and citizens are being attacked at proportions never before witnessed since the birth of our country. Democrats and other political and social entities tear the fabric of our nation with hatred and ignorance of what we stand for and dismiss our Rule of Law. NFRW is the first line of defense to preserve our beliefs and freedoms for which generations have fought with sweat, toil and sacrifice of life.

NFRW builds leaders, energizes communities and keeps America strong! This administration will introduce more tools, training and opportunities for you to achieve greater success. We will broaden our use of technology and the scope of social media presence. We will increase programs and training modules and make them easily accessible through avenues including our website and YouTube channel. We will be broadcasting our positions on topics and NFRW work and accomplishments.

We are the NFRW! To keep you aware of our endeavors, I will keep in touch with you through new video messaging. As a political business entity, we will evaluate and optimize! You will receive updates on the status of our fiscal health and membership. Your Executive Committee, Board of Directors and I thank you for your continued support and pledge to be fiscally responsible. As part of my Plan of Action, I have initiated a Finance Committee as another layer of oversight. We will have a five-year NFRW Business Plan to drive positive change and embrace continuity from one term to the next.

NFRW is prepared for 2020! We have initiated conversations with the 2020 Presidential Election Team, RNC and Convention organizers and many like-minded organizations. Plans are underway for a HQ Media Room for pressers and video messaging.

Adding to that blueprint for our success, I intend to make frequent visits to the Hill. Your NFRW Region Directors, staff and I will actively engage with you and elected Representatives on key issues. Soon, a new NFRW app will keep you connected and give you the edge to take action.

This is but a glimpse into plans for 2020 and beyond!

You and I commit ourselves to public service because we treasure our country and believe in our Party’s platform. We do what we do for family, friends and fellow Americans we do not even know. It is evident that the safety and future of our country is at stake from outside and domestic influences. From attacks on our soil to threatening the Constitution to the rise of bigotry and the intolerance against Christians and Jews to assaults because of faith and political principle to putting into jeopardy the sanctity of life, our Land of the Free and Home of the Brave is at risk unless we stand united and work together. And, we will!

With deepest appreciation and admiration, thank you for your outstanding dedication. Now, our hardest work is about to begin. Your leadership in our communities, states and nation will continue to ensure significant achievements!

May God bless you. Together, we’re better!

To NFRW success,

Ann Schockett
NFRW President




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Madison Wilson, 6/26/2021 6:54 AM

It is evident that the safety and future of our country is at stake from outside and domestic influences. [url=]Thank you[/url]

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