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Iowa Federation Officers Report on Successful Iowa Republican Caucuses

Iowa Federation Officers Report on Successful Iowa Republican Caucuses
Posted: Feb 5, 2020
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Barbara Hames-Bryant, IowaFRW president: “I was in Cedar Rapids, the second largest City in Iowa. We had 4 of the Cedar Rapids’ 44 precincts in our neighborhood elementary school cafeteria. The site captain was expecting 30 or so people, and there were 146! Trump got 142 of the votes. Our caucus was informative, friendly and fast, unlike the unorganized Democratic caucus next door in the gym. And the proof is in the turnout: The Iowa GOP Caucus turnout broke Obama’s 2012 record.”

Lori Leonard Reyman, IowaFRW officer and PR chair: “We had an overflowing room showing overwhelming support for our President Monday night in Ida County, Iowa. Our turnout was about four times the number we expected and we had to keep bringing in more and more chairs! We are in Western Iowa in the heart of farm country where people care a lot about liberty, trade, jobs, family and conservative values. I saw people caucusing Republican for the first time, including a group of teenagers who will be 18 by November 3 and were excited to register to vote for the first time. We broke records for presidential caucus attendance in a year when an incumbent was up for re-election. In Ida County, 135 ballots were cast with 133 going for President Trump.”


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