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NFRW Announces Committees, Appointees of the 2020-21 Board of Directors

NFRW Announces Committees, Appointees of the 2020-21 Board of Directors
Posted: Mar 9, 2020
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National Board Will Play Vital Role in 2020 Elections, Building Leaders and Communities, Working to Keep America Strong

President Ann Schockett and the Executive Committee of the National Federation of Republican Women are pleased to announce the Standing and Special Committees, Special Appointees and Special Projects of the NFRW Board of Directors for 2020-2021.

“This is one of the most critical eras in U.S. history, and the future of our nation is at stake,” Schockett said. “The NFRW has brought together a distinguished team of Republican women whose ideas, skills and expertise will be vital in securing Republican victories at the ballot box in November and advancing our mission of building leaders, energizing communities and keeping America strong.”

Theresa Kosmoski, TX, Chair
Susan Zike, OR, Vice Chair
Lyn Bliss, OH, Member
Lois Godfrey, CA, Member
Monica Bowles Kozlowski, IN, Member

Carol N. Hadley, CA, Chair
Raychel Renna, DC, Vice Chair
Kitty Kunz, ID, Election 2020 Strike Force Coordinator
Rhonda Lacy, TX, Election 2020 Strike Force Vice Coordinator
Paula Prizio, Young Republican Liaison
Jennifer Little, TN, Region 1 Coordinator
Daryl Reynolds, TX, Region 2 Coordinator
Kyshia Lineberger, NC, Region 3 Coordinator
Debra L. Hogan, NY, Region 4 Coordinator
JoAnn Parker, LA, Region 5 Coordinator
Evelyn Maxine Poole-Kober, NC, Region 6 Coordinator
Charlotte Rasmussen, WI, Region 7 Coordinator
Roberta Ulrich, FL, Region 8 Coordinator

Rosemary Serra, NC, Chair
Linda Arnold, NC, Vice Chair
Gwen Ecklund, IA, Member
Heidi Parker Martin, LA, Member
Mary Waller, FL, Member

Legislation & Research
Dubbie Buckler, IN, Chair
Gail Bates, MD, Vice Chair
Marsha Blackburn, TN, Honorary Member
Bergundi Cain, TX, Member
Barbara Ellman, NY, Member
Robyn Gray, AZ, Member
Mildred (Millie) Gump, TN, Member
Carla Klopfenstein, WY, Member
Monica Bowles Kozlowski, IN, Member
Paula Steiner, VA, Member
Kathy Tingelstad, MN, Member
Donna P. Van Osdol, HI, Member
Linda M. Wagner, NY, Member
Emily Walker, NC, Member
Carol S Wilson, AL, Member
Sovilla Mennen, IN, Agriculture Subcommittee Coordinator
Carol Alexander, WA, Agriculture Subcommittee Vice Coordinator

Barbara Ellerbrook, KY, Chair
Janet Kushlan, OH, Vice Chair
Nancy Couch, GA, Member
KC Crosbie, KY, Member
Marie E Cruz, CA, Member
Mary Darian, NY, Member
Melinda Daugherty, OK, Member
Donna Davidson, KY, Member
Beverley Ann Hirzel, OH, Member
Sally Hogan, NY, Member
Joannie Miller, LA, Member
Robin Beverly Moore, WI, Member
Monteia Mundy, KY, Member
Alta Segovia, KS, Member
Amy Catherine Womack, WY, Member

Karen Cuneo Newton, TX, Chair
Vivian Walker Dailey, MS, Vice Chair & Coordinator of Leadership Initiatives, Training and Development
Melissa Beaudoin, TX, Member
Kathleen E DeBow Hayes, WY, Member
Gay Dillard, NC, Member
Tina Gibson, TX, Member
Lora Lane, TX, Member
Anne Patram, OH, Member
Sarah Wetherby, NC, Member

Public Relations
Julie M Faubel, TX, Chair
Debra D Taylor, PA, Vice Chair
Patalia D Tate, DC, Marketing Coordinator
Lyn Bliss, OH, Member
Elizabeth Girard, NH, Member
Lori Leonard Reyman, IA, Member
Michelle Martin, TX, Member
Elise Nieshalla, IN, Member
Loraine Bennett Pellegrino, AZ, Member
Sarah Reidy-Jones, NC, Member
Laura Tawater, KS, Member

Achievement Awards
Roxanne Husmann, WA, Chair
Pam Pollard, OK, Vice Chair
Donna Rains Gottschall, SC, Member
Gladys E. Lemley, WV, Member
Robin Beverly Moore, WI, Member
Christine Peters, NH, Member
Carol Rogers, KY, Member
Lynette Simonson, CA, Member

Olivia McCaffrey, CO, Chair
Deborah Bailey, TN, Member
Dena Barnes, NC, Member
Patricia Bohlender, CO, Member
Glynis Chester, TX, Member
Juli A Mitchell, CA, Member
Beatrice Restifo, CA, Member
Dona Troyer, CO, Member

Armed Services
Cecilia Kay Tyler, ID, Chair
Christine Benedict, NY, Vice Chair
Mary Smart, HI, Member
Jeanette Sterner, TX, Member
Roberta Tessendorf, KS, Member

Caring for America
Karen Smith, NY, Chair
Gloria Mazza, IA, Vice Chair
Carol Webber, IL, Region 1 Coordinator
Len Vaught, AL, Region 2 Coordinator
Linda Neace, OR, Region 3 Coordinator
Kay Wildt, NC, Region 4 Coordinator
Rhonda Stockert, NM, Region 5 Coordinator
Mary Alice Panek, NY, Region 6 Coordinator
Pollyanne Iowa Hawkes, OK, Region 7 Coordinator
Mavis Bowes, CA, Region 8 Coordinator
Georgia Davis, WY, Region 8 Coordinator
Congressional Fundraising Partnership
Tracey Miller, VA, Chair

Corporate Fundraising
Rebekah Curran, MI, Chair
Catherine Barranco, Member
Kathleen Brugger, CA, Member
Kaye T. Goolsby, TX, Member
Lyn Paulsin, FL, Member
Marina Woolcock, FL, Member

Distinguished Guests/Protocol
Kathleen Brugger, CA, Chair
Arla Jeanne J Murray, MT, Vice Chair
Theresa Esposito, NC, Member
Diane McGlinchey, CA, Member
Sharon Underwood, CA, Member
Audrey Voigt, CA, Member
Freida von Schiller, NY, Member

Vivian L Childs, GA, Chair
Pamela Alayon, GA, Member
Ella Butcher, GA, Member
Maricel Cobitz, FL, Member
Melanie Collette, NJ, Member
Gloria Cudia, IL, Member
Cynthia Love, AZ, Member
Michele Odom, LA, Member
Karen Watson, TX, Member

Election Integrity
Besa Martin, TX, Chair
Toni Anne Dashiell, TX, Honorary Member
Dena Barnes, NC, Member
Ashley Butenschoen, WA, Member
Kimberly Morella, NY, Member
Kimberly Sherk, GA, Member

Faith Coalition
Janis Holt, TX, Chair
Sheila Faske, TX, Chaplain
Rosemary Licata, CA, Distinguished Chaplain Emerita
Patti Ann Febro, FL, Member
Valerie Jo Remley, CA, Member

Homeland Security
Cynthia E. Ayers, PA, Chair
Beth Spero, PA, Vice Chair
Miriam Cepeda, TX, Member
Robin Frazier, MD, Member
Debra Harper, TX, Member
Rachel A. Martin, CA, Member
Cindy Noe, IN, Member
Erin Ryan, CA, Member
Jackie Weyhenmeyer, NC, Member

Literacy Committee
Laura Carlson, IA, Chair
Michelle Hirstius, LA, Vice Chair
Deborah Bryant, MS, Honorary Member
Nancy Cherney, CA, Member
Toni M Gilhooley, PA, Member
Alison Kettenhofen, OR, Member
Susan Mills, NC, Member
Lori Jane Piotrowski, NV, Member

Brenda R Smith, KS, Chair

Sherry Hurt, TX, Chair
Kim Greene, TX, Member
Julie Molland, TX, Member
Daryl Reynolds, TX, Member

Fay Williamson, VA, Chair
Brenda H Campbell, VA, Member
Linda Kivi Porter, VA, Member
Linda Petrou, NC, Member
Linda K Smith, KS, Member
Debra D Taylor, PA, Member

Brenda H Campbell, VA, Head Sergeant- At-Arms
Ann James, NC, Sergeant-At-Arms
Renae Martin, TN, Sergeant-At-Arms
Evelyn Maxine Poole-Kober, NC, Sergeant-At-Arms
Janet Ingalls VanDine, NY, Sergeant-At-Arms
Ngaio Wesenberg, TN, Sergeant-At-Arms
Fay Williamson, VA, Sergeant-At-Arms

Dee Drewry, WA, Chair
Jenny Mundy, VA, Vice Chair
Bekah Bibb, NC, Member
Kim M. Bowers, NY, Member
Sharon Ohsfeldt, TN, Member
Carita Wilson, LA, Member

Sheila Faske, TX, Chaplain
Rosemary Licata, CA, Distinguished Chaplain Emerita
Daryl Reynolds, TX, Historian
Vanessa LaFranco, NJ, Liaison to College and Young Republicans
Gena Gore, LA, Liaison to Congress
Jody Rushton, TX, Liaison to RNC 2020 Convention
Marilyn Joan Harris, CO, State Presidents Coordinator

Arts Council
Linda Gay Wilson, MS, Coordinator

NFRW Business Plan
Vanessa LaFranco, NJ, Coordinator
Michelle Beth Buckwalter-Schurman, IL, Member
Eileen Sobjack, WA, Member

NFRW Convention 2021
Michelle Beth Buckwalter-Schurman, IL, Coordinator
Suzanne Heinzmann, IN, Member
Vanessa LaFranco, NJ, Member
Linda Neace, OR, Member
Eileen Sobjack, WA, Member
Deborah Tamargo, FL, Member
Diane Van Parys, FL, Member

NFRW Finance Oversight Initiative
Vanessa LaFranco, NJ, Coordinator
Theresa Kosmoski, TX, Member
Jody Rushton, TX, Member
Eileen Sobjack, WA, Member

The NFRW Board of Directors also includes state federation presidents, former NFRW presidents, and the NFRW Executive Committee. The Board of Directors will gather in Alexandria, Va., March 27-28 for the NFRW spring board meeting.

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Theresa Speake, 3/11/2020 7:06 PM

Thanks for posting the recent appointments to Committees at the national level. Theresa Speake,Legislative Chair, Exeter Republucan Women,california

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