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Virginia E-Club Successfully Travels Virtual Information Technology Highway

Virginia E-Club Successfully Travels Virtual Information Technology Highway
Posted: May 23, 2018
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Chartered in September 2013, the Kings Highway Republican Women’s E Club is the first “Virtual” club in the State of Virginia and the second nationally.

As Virginia Republican Women pioneers, on the uncharted new Virtual Club Frontier, the Club’s challenges for the first year were twofold: 1) Transitioning the guidelines of a Traditional Club into a sustainable Virtual Club and 2) Maximum use of limited available resources (woman power and monetary resources); doing more with less and forming partnerships with other organization. That was a tall, tall order, however with an energized talented membership, the club's pioneer spirit took on the challenges forging the new trail, the virtual information technology highway. A key to the Club’s launching success was the Sherpa support received by the VFRW President and the Executive Committee.

The Club’s name has a historical origin reflecting the importance transportation routes play. The Kings Highway was the first north-south transportation route through Virginia in linking the northern and southern colonies by saddle bag and stage coach. Following an ancient Indian trail, the Potomac Path, played an important role in history, in the early colonial period, the Civil War, continuing on into the 19th, 20th, and 21st Century. Just as the colonial Kings Highway was the first overland route linking American colonies, the Kings Highway Club is the first Virtual club on the information technology highway in the State of Virginia, linking empowerment of its Republican Women members in the political process, through the benefit of “virtual highway” satellites, computer circuit boards, and the internet.

Chartered for only five years, the Club has received the highest VFRW Annual Achievement Award five years running. The local County Republican Committees have given the Club high praise on the important role it plays. As “Chicks in Politics” the Club hosts Republican Women Candidate Meet and Greet events, partners with other clubs in sponsoring regional Candidate debates (e.g. Lt. Governor), hosted a regional Republican Women’s Leadership Seminar “Moving Forward Together, Republican Women Meeting Tomorrow’s Challenges Today.” Members seek out unique projects of interest such as an American Heritage donation of a 19th Century vintage embroidery sampler, including a photo and family narrative, to the Rippon Lodge Historical Museum. Drawing on the versatility of information technology, the Club engages speakers who can easily appear on internet aided tools such as a Webinar or GOTOMEETINGS, which can also be archived on the Club’s website. The Red Shoe Book Club uses a Conference Call. “From the Desk of the President” newsletter keeps members currently informed. The Club recruits new members through a comprehensive website, and a color trifold brochure which is made available at various local events (e.g. Chamber of Commerce Women’s Leadership Committee) and Republican meetings.

Of particular importance is the Club’s one of a kind unique hallmark Video Journal, “Virginia Woman on the Street.” Empowerment for club members should be more than participating as an election day volunteer, supporting Republican candidates, accepting appointments to government committees and working groups or actively participating in political and civil organizations. To increase the effectiveness in the cause of good government, Republican Women Smart Power also focuses on expressing the Republican Women’s viewpoint on important topics, through adopting resolutions, writing opinion letters, authoring newspaper Op-Ed articles, and appearing at a public meeting to make their views known. To increase the opportunity for Republican women to give their views wider recognition even more, the Kings Highway Club launched an exciting project, Virginia Women on the Street Video Journal. Each month the Club selects a group of women to be interviewed on a featured topic, such as Jobs and the Economy, Transportation, Health Care, Education and Literacy, taxes, the Environment, and Women’s Rights. The interviews do not include any views on political candidates. The interviews are videotaped and placed on the Club’s website. A recent interview is with the NFRW immediate Past President Carrie Almond (See ).


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CAPTION 1: Receiving VFRW highest “Blue Ribbon Gold” Annual Achievement Award, KHRWEC President Janet M. Gorn and NFRW President Kathy Brugger

CAPTION 2: Congressional Candidate Suzanne Scholte, KHRWEC Meet and Greet Event

CAPTION 3: Susan Allen, Author, “The Remarkable Ronald Reagan,” KHRWEC President Janet M. Gorn, KHRWEC Sponsored Book and Author Event

CAPTION 4: Video Journal - Virginia Woman on the Street, features Republican woman’s viewpoint on important contemporary issues

CAPTION 5: Sponsored Regional Leadership Seminar on the Role of Republican Women in the NFRW, VFRW All Levels of Government and the Community, KHRWEC President Janet M. Gorn at Registration Table


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