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Republican Women to Watch in 2020: Yvette Herrell

Republican Women to Watch in 2020: Yvette Herrell
Posted: Aug 5, 2020
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Republican Nominee for U.S. Congress, New Mexico's 2nd District

A native of New Mexico, Yvette Herrell is an experienced legislator and successful business owner. As someone who values hard work and determination, she hopes these attributes will help in her candidacy for the 2nd Congressional District of New Mexico, a seat Yvette wants to flip back into Republican hands.

As a member of the New Mexico State House of Representatives for four years, Yvette has worked to put people before politics, championed free markets and carried the values of rural New Mexico to Santa Fe. She understands the challenges rural New Mexico faces that are often overlooked.

The founder and owner of small businesses, Yvette knows big government is not the answer. She has stood against overbearing regulations and government overreach, which is why she was awarded “Hero of the Year” by the New Mexico Business Coalition.

Yvette has served as a member of the board and chairwoman of the International Relations and Federalism Task Force Committee for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). In July, she received the 2020 Iron Lady Award from ALEC. The award is named after Margaret Thatcher, one of Yvette’s 20th century heroes.

As a champion for New Mexico’s hard working middle class, Yvette understands firsthand what families are going through. “We need a voice in Congress who will stand for every New Mexican and not the Washington elite,” she stated. “I will fight for our hardworking middle class, job creators and traditions that make New Mexico great."

Yvette is a member of Chaves County Federated Republican Women. To learn more about her campaign, visit her website or Facebook page.



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