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Republican Women to Watch in 2020: Beth Van Duyne

Republican Women to Watch in 2020: Beth Van Duyne
Posted: Nov 2, 2020
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Republican Nominee for U.S. Congress, Texas' 24th District

When Beth Van Duyne is asked what prompted her to run for public office, her answer is simple – her children. Beth is the Republican candidate for the 24th congressional district of Texas.

“We live in a very fragile time for our nation, our families and the future of the American Dream,” Beth said. “ Socialism is on the rise, our border crisis has never been worse and we face constant threats from hostile nations willing to use cyber-attacks, nuclear weapons, and terrorist jihad.“ Beth wants her two children to have the same opportunities in life that she did; she wants them to be able to grow up safe and proud of our country.

After graduating magna cum laude from Cornell University with a bachelor's degree in city and regional planning, government and law, Beth became the first female mayor of Irving, Texas, in 2011 by defeating the incumbent Democratic mayor. In February 2017, Beth announced she would not seek a third term as mayor. In May 2017, President Donald Trump appointed Beth a regional administrator for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), overseeing Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

A self-described single mom, conservative Republican and reformer who has defeated government corruption, Beth believes in the rule of law and has helped remove thousands of criminal aliens from North Texas. Beth has been a leader who helped deliver growth and new job opportunities. She is a constitutionalist who has never backed down when it comes to protecting the rights of all North Texans.

Beth has been named a Young Gun by the National Republican Congressional Committee and is a member of Irving Republican Women. To learn more about her campaign, visit her website or Facebook page.


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