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Candidate Profile: Young Kim

Candidate Profile: Young Kim
Posted: Jul 16, 2018
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Republican Nominee for Congress, California's 39th District


By Lucy Powers
NFRW 2018 Kabis Intern

When longtime Congressman Ed Royce announced his retirement late last year, Young Kim knew she would be the right candidate to represent California’s 39th District. She worked for Rep. Royce for two decades, gaining valuable experience along the way. In 2014, Kim took this experience to the California Statehouse, where she served as an assemblywoman.

Kim’s greatest achievement in the state assembly was working across party lines, especially since Republicans were in the minority. In 2016, Kim introduced AB 2078, which strengthened sentencing guidelines for those who violated a protective order in the case of domestic violence. “I saw that the violation of restraining orders was not being properly punished, which was putting women’s lives at risk,” Kim said.
Domestic violence is not a unique issue to California, which is why Kim is seeking office at the federal level. If elected, she also will fight for improved infrastructure, lower taxes, and more jobs for the people of the 39th District as well as the nation at large. “I want to fight for the people of the 39th District,” Kim said, “and be their voice.”
A lifelong Republican, Kim is a member of Fullerton Republican Women Federated. “The National Federation of Republican Women is a strong voice for Republican values in our communities across the country. I am proud to be a member of my local club,” Kim said.





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