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Candidate Profile: Kimberlin Brown Pelzer

Candidate Profile: Kimberlin Brown Pelzer
Posted: Aug 6, 2018
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Republican Nominee for Congress, California's 36th District


By Lucy Powers
NFRW 2018 Kabis Intern

Kimberlin Brown Pelzer understands every facet of Southern California life. A born-and-raised Californian, Brown Pelzer has found success in her state's most prolific industries, beginning with entertainment and diversifying as her career progressed. Brown Pelzer now owns a portfolio of businesses in the Palm Springs area, from fishing and farming operations to laundromats and convenience stores.

Operating these small businesses gave Brown Pelzer a new perspective on life in the area. Policies like the Affordable Care Act and the California gas tax took their toll on Brown Pelzer and her employees. “Seeing what my employees were going through, how they had to have multiple jobs to even survive, really put things into perspective,” Brown Pelzer said.

A lifelong Republican, Brown Pelzer had considered running for office years before. She knew the time was right when she saw the effects of the gas tax in 2017. “I realized that, for the first time in our country, we’re not leaving something better for our youth,” she said, “I can’t sit back and be the person who lets that happen.”

Brown Pelzer is working to unseat Raul Ruiz in California’s 36th Congressional District this November. If elected, she will work to reduce the burden of taxes and regulations on American workers and business owners.

She will also tackle the issue of illegal immigration, which is particularly important in a border state like California. Brown Pelzer supports President Trump’s proposed border wall, equating it to the security measures she has in place at her businesses. “When someone robs my convenience store, I put up security cameras,” Brown Pelzer said. “They are definitely a deterrent.”
Brown Pelzer is determined to bring back the California she grew up with – full of opportunity community.

“The precedent that California is setting right now as a state that promotes division is not one that I agree with at all, and I will go to battle for California until the end,” she said.


Editor's Note: Brown Pelzer is a member of East Valley Republican Women Federated.


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