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Candidate Profile: Marsha Blackburn

Candidate Profile: Marsha Blackburn
Posted: Aug 31, 2018
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Elected to the U.S. Senate, Tennessee


Editor's Note: Marsha Blackburn won her race on November 6, becoming Tennessee's first woman senator.
By Debra Taylor, Pennsylvania

From the time she was first elected to the Tennessee State Senate in 1998, Marsha Blackburn has been a strong, conservative leader. It was her powerful advocacy of conservative positions that helped elect her to the 7th Congressional District in Tennessee in 2002. Now Blackburn wants to take that same principled leadership to the U.S. Senate.

Blackburn grew up in a family that encouraged community service. She was the first one in her family to run for elected office. She began her involvement in politics with the Republican Women and the Young Republicans. It was because of her energetic involvement in grassroots politics that she was urged to run for elected office.

As a member of the Tennessee State Senate, Blackburn led the fight to defeat the state income tax. She served in the state legislature six years and rose to the position of minority whip.

"The U.S. Senate is dysfunctional. They can't seem to get things across the finish line," Blackburn said. "Tennessee wants more. It is time for the Senate to fulfill its promises to the people of Tennessee and pass the President’s agenda."

When Congress is not in session Blackburn enjoys spending time with her family. Sundays are a special time because the family gathers together for lunch. Blackburn's grandsons like to help her cook. On one occasion they were making a crumb cake. The cake reminded Blackburn of her opponent Phil Bredesen's comment that the Trump Tax Cuts were "crumbs." "As we made the cake I thought, 'But all these crumbs make a whole cake. All those tax cuts help everyone,'" she said.
Blackburn promises to fight to bring significant tax relief to hard-working Tennesseans in the U.S. Senate. She will confirm strict constitutionalist justices and judges who will not legislate from the bench and will fight to cut wasteful spending. She will work on behalf of veterans, vowing to keep promises to those who have defended our freedoms. She is strongly pro-life and an advocate for Second Amendment rights, as well as a strong supporter of President Trump's immigration policies.

Blackburn is a graduate of Mississippi State University. She is a member of Republican Women of Williamson County.



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