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Candidate Profile: Amie Hoeber

Candidate Profile: Amie Hoeber
Posted: Oct 10, 2018
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Republican Nominee for U.S. Congress, Maryland's 6th District


By Nancy Johnson, Missouri

During the Revolutionary War, General Washington referred to the soldiers of Maryland as “The Old Line” holding the British at bay while fighting for freedom. Amoretta “Amie” Hoeber, CD-6 candidate of “The Old-Line State,“ stands as courageously as these soldiers past.
Hoeber is an accomplished career-woman who, as deputy under secretary of the Army under President Reagan, worked to strengthen America's national defense. After government service, she founded AMH Consulting and continued to advise the federal government and industry on national security issues. She advocates for women’s domestic safety, utilized her expertise about environmental clean-up under President George H.W. Bush, is active with the Maryland Federated Republican Women, and enjoys her husband, children and grandchildren.
In her words, “The underpinning of the Constitution is national security.” Hoeber asserts that the security of the nation is manifested in the strength of the people.
“I will work closely with my district to prioritize well-paying jobs through targeted training related to technological advancements," she says. "Small businesses will be encouraged by streamlining the steps from ideas to production. As a federal partner to Governor Hogan, I will address infrastructure needs through getting more highway funding to Maryland.
“I consider the families of CD-6 to be my friends. As jobs and businesses grow, we will tackle the heroin and opioid epidemics by tailoring local programs to combat the problem through block grants, have well-supported, trained law enforcement, and concentrate on reducing unlawful immigrants such as MS-13 gang threats, yet I strongly support lawful immigration. I will work to ensure the well-being of the district through quality education, advocate for women and children who suffer domestic violence, and insist that healthcare costs be at an affordable level.”
Hoeber is a candidate who relates. She appeals to the city dwellers of CD-6 and engages the voters of the rural areas which extend into coal country. “Compare me to my Democrat opponent. He has spent 11 million dollars on his campaign, never leaves his office and got 40 percent of his primary vote. I am in the District target shooting with the guys and having iced-tea on the front porch with the families or walking the city blocks knocking on doors. I received 68 percent of my primary vote with my campaign expenses at $200,000. Money talks? A heartfelt spirit of empathy, cooperation and community to make CD-6 a better place, that is what talks!”
Hoeber is a member of Potomac Women's Republican Club.


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