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Republican Women of the #RedWave: Barb Kirkmeyer

Republican Women of the #RedWave: Barb Kirkmeyer
Posted: Jul 7, 2022
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Republican Nominee for U.S. House, Colorado's 8th District

By Rebecca J. Horvath, Tennessee

A fourth-generation Coloradoan is ready to take her conservative values to Washington, DC.

Barb Kirkmeyer won a four-way primary to become the Republican nominee in Colorado’s newly-formed 8th congressional district. The race - considered a toss-up by pollsters - is expected to be the most competitive in the country. A red wave may be cresting over November’s midterms, but Kirkmeyer isn’t content to ride the wave: she’s hitting the campaign trail hard.

The journey along that trail is familiar to this candidate; for two decades, Kirkmeyer has been a fixture in Weld County, Colorado, politics. She’s a member of the Republican Women of Weld County, served in Gov. Bill Owens’ cabinet, and after 19 years as a Weld County Commissioner, she won a seat in the Colorado State Senate in 2020.

Her proudest accomplishment so far came as a Weld County Commissioner, where she says, “I led my county to be the only large debt-free county in the entire state, reduced the property tax burden and ensured a ‘gold standard’ for controlling spending.”

Kirkmeyer’s experience in local and state politics taught her the value of reaching across the aisle to work with her colleagues to find bipartisan solutions while staying true to her own values. She knows there are many opportunities for cooperation - and progress - in Washington and she’s ready to hit the ground running. “I think we can all agree that Biden and Pelosi have done a dismal job and our nation is ‘off track.’ I’m not one to just stand on the sidelines, and we don’t need another representative to go to DC to just make a point. I’m running to go make a difference just as I have done in my community, my county, and my state.”

She also praises the value Republican women bring to the arena. “Republican women and their respective clubs are the backbone of our party and play a huge role in advancing Republican values and getting Republicans elected to office,” she shares. “In my campaigns, women have been some of my hardest working volunteers and supporters. NFRW members are the most effective counterweight to the legions of paid liberal and Democrat activists. Simply put - Republican women working together reap results!”

As a mother of two and grandmother of six, Kirkmeyer understands the challenges and concerns families face. The years she spent as a small business owner and dairy farmer - she believes she would be the first female dairy farmer in Congress - continue to provide valuable insight into what matters to everyday Americans. These experiences have made her a self-described conservative fighter.

“I come from a very modest background. Growing up on a family dairy farm, my six siblings and I were taught that opportunity and success comes to those who work for it. I’m compelled to run because I want an America for my kids and grandkids, and yours, that values and rewards hard work, just like the America I grew up in. I want an America that gives everyone a fair shot at success and an opportunity to prosper.” Now, Barb Kirkmeyer has her sights set on Capitol Hill, where she’ll put her experience and her vision to work for the citizens of Colorado.

Barb has been named a Young Gun by the National Republican Congressional Committee. Learn more about her campaign at


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