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Republican Women of the #RedWave: Amanda Adkins

Republican Women of the #RedWave: Amanda Adkins
Posted: Aug 18, 2022
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Republican Nominee for U.S. House, Kansas's 3rd District

By Rebecca J. Horvath, Tennessee

If you looked up the term “go-getter” in a dictionary, the definition might just be a picture of Amanda Adkins.

This November, Amanda hopes to add “Congresswoman” to her already long list of accomplishments. She’s running in Kansas’s 3rd congressional district, trying to unseat incumbent Rep. Sharice Davids, who edged out Amanda in a close 2020 race. "With our country facing so many crises caused by Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress, we need experienced leaders who will stand up to Biden and focus on getting our country back on the right track. This starts with passing policies that help fight inflation, including stopping reckless federal spending, supporting working mothers reentering the workforce, and cutting red tape for businesses recovering from COVID."

According to Real Clear Politics, the district leans Republican. Amanda won the recent Republican primary in a landslide and now she’s running full-speed toward the general election. She’s working her way through the district, meeting voters and holding more than 50 “Ask Amanda” town hall events. "I am a businesswoman and entrepreneur. I know firsthand how to create jobs, and I’ve spent my career focusing on solutions, which is exactly what our country needs right now. I’ve released plans on for securing our border, lowering gas prices and moving America towards energy independence, and getting working mothers back into the workforce. My community - and our country - deserves real solutions, which is exactly what I will bring to Congress."

Amanda's impressive resume is punctuated with strong conservative credentials. After graduating from the University of Kansas, she worked as a legislative aide in the U.S. Senate and on staff of the U.S. House Rules Committee. She then spent 15 years as an executive at Cerner Corporation, a Kansas City healthcare and information technology company. In addition to her day job, she founded a philanthropic organization called Systems of Care Initiative that prepares children for kindergarten and beyond, and she co-founded the Dwight D. Eisenhower Excellence in Public Service Series. The organization trains Republican women for leadership and involvement in politics. Since 2005, over 300 women have graduated from the program.

On top of her professional and community service experience, Amanda is a former chair of the Kansas GOP and former Executive Director of GOPAC, and she served on the executive committee of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce. In her time as state GOP chair, the party increased its majority in the state legislature by 16 seats. And in true renaissance woman form, Amanda is even a food blogger. Her blog, Cosmic Food Adventures, aims to help families understand the world around them through creating healthy meals together.

As a mother of two teens, Amanda is particularly focused on the future and the growth and change she hopes to facilitate in her home state and around the country. She says women are most concerned with two things: the economy and the desire to have hope for their children. In Congress, Amanda would be a tireless advocate for both causes. Her campaign is centered on smarter decisions, simpler government, and improved strategic partnerships at all levels.

"A large part of my motivation to run for public office is to advocate for policies that will ensure that my son and daughter have the same opportunities that I have had. I’ve been devastated to see how the policies of the Biden Administration have hurt our economy, and forced families to stretch their paychecks and put their dreams on hold. I have also been saddened to see how Biden’s open Southern border has allowed illegal drugs to flow into our country and into my own community in KS-03. Seeing so many individuals, even teenagers, dying from fentanyl overdoses and the crime that accompanies drug trafficking every day is absolutely devastating. In Congress, I will be committed to advocating for a secure border so we can end the flow of these drugs into our country and prevent lives from being ruined by addictions and overdoses."

Amanda is listed on the Young Guns program by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC); she was among the first candidates in this election cycle to be named to the program by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. She’s a member of the Northeast Johnson County Republican Women.

"As a former state party chair, I know the crucial role women have in the Republican Party. The Federation of Republican Women has introduced me to so many fantastic leaders in the community, state, and GOP. I’m also a proud co-founder of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Excellence in Public Service Series, whose mission is to prepare Republican women to seek greater involvement in leadership, government, and politics. I’ve been honored to have their support as I campaign to bring better representation to KS-03."

The slogan for Amanda’s campaign is “Amanda Adkins. Builder. Believer.” With experience she can build on and Kansans can believe in, she’s ready to conquer her next challenge with the same go-getter spirit that’s brought her this far.

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