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Republican Women of the #RedWave: Christine Drazan

Republican Women of the #RedWave: Christine Drazan
Posted: Oct 27, 2022
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Republican Nominee for Governor, Oregon

By Terri Goodnow, West Virginia

Christine Drazan is running for governor in Oregon, which is no small feat. Here, registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans by close to 300,000, and voters haven't elected a Republican governor in 40 years.

But Christine is poised to disrupt Oregon's established one-party rule on November 8. The Cook Political Report rates the Oregon gubernatorial race a toss-up, and polls show a razor-thin margin between the two candidates and even a lead for the Republican.

“Our state is in a very, very difficult position after a decade of single party control,” Christine stated in a recent interview. If elected, she pledges to tackle the degradation of Oregon city streets by declaring homelessness a state of emergency and expanding addiction and mental health support services. To reduce crime and promote safety, her plan is to implement a fully-funded police force, increase police presence, and work to reduce the supply of hard drugs.

Working families can expect Christine to fight for job growth and lower taxes. When it comes to education, providing basic quality curriculum and improving high school graduation rates is necessary if young Oregonians are to be competitive in today’s workplace. She vows to keep politics out of the classroom and encourage parental involvement. She will demand accountability, efficiency, and transparency from taxpayer funded state agencies.

Stewardship of Oregon’s abundant natural resources is also of utmost importance. Christine pledges to ensure active and efficient management of the state’s many forests and natural water sources while working to reduce carbon emissions, protecting proven farming and ranching practices, and protecting family-owned farms.

Christine's high-profile endorsements include George Carrillo, a prominent Oregon Democratic leader, and Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike, who switched sides to support her.

Christine grew up in the Southern rural part of the state where bad policies from deep-seated Democrat politicians led to devastating conditions for families. In 2001, as a communications aide to Republican House Speaker Mark Simmons, Christine learned how to effectively navigate the Oregon State House and its long-time power players. In 2018, she won a seat in the State House, and in 2021 she was elected Oregon House minority leader. She retired from the state legislature earlier this year to announce her run for governor.

Christine lives in Oregon City with her husband and three children. She is a member of East Clackamas County Republican Women.

Learn more about Christine's campaign at



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