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Republican Women of the #RedWave: Esther Joy King

Republican Women of the #RedWave: Esther Joy King
Posted: Nov 3, 2022
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Republican Nominee for U.S. House, Illinois' 17th District

By Barbara Zakszewski, Florida

Heart for service. Love of country. Advocate for people over politics. Third generation military, serving in Kabul, Afghanistan, and now a captain in the JAG Corp Reservists. Endorsed by newly-Independent Tulsi Gabbard. These are but a few words and phrases Esther King and her family, supporters and friends use to describe her.

Why is Esther running for Congress? In a recent interview on Fox & Friends, Esther told Will Cain and America, “America is worth the fight.” She spoke of her family’s impressive service record to country: grandfather, father and several uncles served their country. She spoke of her time in Kabul, where she worked to rescue dozens of young girls and women from the clutches of the cruel and inhumane Taliban. When she returned, a graduate of Northwestern University Law School specializing in taxation, she joined the JAG Corp as a reservist. She worked for a time as a lawyer at a Chicago law firm and for the State of Illinois.

Where did the heart for service come from? When Esther was growing up, her parents were missionaries along the U.S.-Mexico border in Juarez. And even though the family did not have much for themselves, they never failed to be generous to others less fortunate. During these formative years, Esther learned the values of faith, family and sacrifice, and she carries those lessons with her today.

Esther has indicated several priorities for when she gets to Congress, including agriculture, education, infrastructure and our nation’s security. Agriculture is the heart of Illinois CD-17, which incompasses much of Moline and Rockford. She believes farmers bring huge value to the nation’s economy and will work on several bills offering farmers long-term help and relief, including reliable crop insurance, and promoting new technologies and opportunities.

Esther also is dedicated to working with businesses and manufacturing in her district to provide tools and resources to allow the district to thrive and continue to bring in economics opportunities.

Esther believes national security is the primary function of the federal government, and has stated, “As a captain in the U.S. Army Reserve, I understand the importance of national defense, and I am committed to a strong military. It is vital to provide our military with the training and resources needed to handle the mounting challenges and threats around the world.”

She is “unapologetically pro-life,” and believes adoption must be an easier option for mothers.

Esther has offered bold and bipartisan solutions to problems facing our nation and her congressional district, stating that she will "ensure that the needs of the Illinois 17th district come first, before party, before politics and before special interests.”

Esther is a dedicated Republican and a member of the Republican Women of Rock Island County. Heart for service. Love of country. People over politics. “America is worth the fight.” America needs this type of leader in Congress, right now.

Learn more about Esther's campaign at


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