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A Holiday Wish for Herschel Walker

A Holiday Wish for Herschel Walker
Posted: Nov 29, 2022
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Georgia Senate Runoff Victory Will Put a Check on Biden Agenda

By Nancy Almasi, Virginia

The holidays are a time for wishes. Wishes for good health and happiness for our families. Wishes for success in our professional lives. My childhood wish for a pony (I’m still waiting for Santa to deliver on that one). But, like so many of my fellow NFRW members, I wish for peace and prosperity for our country, and a check on the Biden Administration’s radical agenda.

That’s why Senator Herschel Walker is at the top of my holiday wish list as Georgia heads into its run-off elections on Tuesday, December 6.

A Walker victory will give the Republicans 50 seats in the Senate. While Vice President Kamala Harris would still be able to break a 50-50 tie, a Walker victory gives Senate Republicans legislative leverage. Moderates such as Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema will still have power among their more progressive Democratic colleagues when they are once again pressured to tow the radical line on key votes. There is also the possibility of an informal power sharing agreement between Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer in terms of committee chairmanships, judicial appointments, and calls for investigations.

Most importantly, it gives our Republican Senate leaders more clout when it comes to negotiating on important pieces of legislation and provides much needed checks and balances on the Democrats’ agenda.

Lastly, Georgia deserves better representation than Raphael Warnock. In the two years he’s been in the Senate, he’s been in lockstep with Joe Biden’s disastrous agenda, voting with the President 96% of the time. And because of this, the people of Georgia continue to suffer as they deal with the increasing costs of staples such as food and fuel. They worry for their financial future as the stock market continues to be volatile. Warnock is backed by groups who support defunding the police at a time when crime is on the rise. Children are still struggling to catch up on their learning after the COVID-19 lockdowns. And Warnock is part of those in power who are exacerbating these problems.

Herschel Walker is a proud patriot who has lived the American Dream and wants others in the state of Georgia to have the same opportunity. He is a champion for Republican priorities such as improving the economy, defending our borders, supporting law enforcement, and paving the way for our children’s future by emphasizing education rather than indoctrination.

So, my wish for this holiday season is a wish, not for me, but for the people of Georgia to send Herschel Walker to the U.S. Senate. And most importantly to remind the American citizens (and the Democrats) of the value of having checks and balances within our government. But I’d still like to have a pony, too.

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