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Republican Women of the #RedWave: Katie Britt

Republican Women of the #RedWave: Katie Britt
Posted: Dec 15, 2022
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Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate, Alabama

By Rebecca J. Horvath, Tennessee

United States Senator-Elect Katie Britt of Alabama is a trailblazer ready to take on her next challenge: Washington, DC.

As a member of the Alabama State At-Large Republican Women’s Club, Katie credits the clubs across her state for being a vital part of her campaign, her victory, and her work once she gets to Capitol Hill. “Being a member of the Alabama Federation of Republican Women, along with my mother, is something that means a lot to me. During our campaign, we had the opportunity to travel to all 67 counties in Alabama, visiting so many strong Republican women’s clubs in every corner of our state,” she shares. “I believe that when women work, we win. And we have tremendous GOP women across our great state who work tirelessly to advance our shared conservative values and defend our God-given liberties. Getting to be a partner at the federal level to the boots-on-the-ground grassroots leaders within our party is something that I am especially excited about as I head to the U.S. Senate.”

Katie owns more “first” and “only” distinctions than any other senator: first woman elected to the Senate from Alabama, first mother of school-aged children among Republican senators, and - at age 40 - the youngest Republican woman ever elected to the Senate. Like many women who are difference-makers, Katie says she’s simply a mom on a mission.

“Our nation and the Republican Party are strongest when more people get off the sidelines and get engaged. Across America, parents are stepping up and saying, ‘enough is enough.’ We need that in our nation. Hardworking moms and dads bring a unique, tangible perspective of how governmental action affects their everyday lives and their children’s future. I’m going to be their voice in the Senate, because that very perspective is my perspective. I don’t have to guess how parents and families are being crushed by the Biden administration’s reckless policies – I’m living it myself.”

For the same reason, Katie understands the issues and concerns unique to Alabama. A native Alabamian, a graduate of the University of Alabama (where she served as student body president) and an attorney by trade, Katie most recently worked as president and CEO of the Alabama Business Council. She’s also a former chief of staff for Sen. Richard Shelby; ironically, she’s replacing the retiring Shelby in the Senate. She and her husband, one-time Alabama Crimson Tide standout and former NFL player Wesley Britt, have two children and make their home in Montgomery.

When she arrives in Washington, Katie’s priorities will reflect her constituents’ concerns, her personal experience, and her concern for the future her children will have.

“Unfortunately, there is no shortage of challenges facing our nation right now. We need to achieve not just energy independence but energy dominance. We have to get inflation under control, because it’s crushing hardworking families, retirees, farmers, and small businesses,” she says. “We need to get our growing national debt crisis under control, before it cripples our future. And so much more. There is a lot to be done. But I’m eager to get to work on behalf of all Alabamians.”

Getting an early start on her career in the Senate means Katie’s future is wide open. “While I ran because I believed I was the best person for the job, it’s not lost on me that our campaign has achieved some very meaningful firsts and milestones, both for our state and for our nation,” she explains. “Whether it’s being the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate from Alabama, the youngest Republican woman in our nation’s history ever elected to the Senate, or being the only current Republican mom with school-aged kids in the Senate, I’m humbled, honored, and grateful. I also realize the tremendous responsibility and opportunity that these milestones carry with them, and I’m going to work tirelessly every single day in the Senate to make Alabamians proud.”

Katie cruised to victory last month, earning 67 percent of the vote. She’ll be sworn in on January 3 and hit the ground running with her biggest goal always in mind: “I ran for the Senate to preserve the American Dream for my children – and for all children across America. That’s going to be my ongoing mission moving forward. Together, we will save the country we know and love for generations to come.”

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