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South Dakota Federation Displays Stunning 10-Foot Christmas Tree at Pierre Capitol

South Dakota Federation Displays Stunning 10-Foot Christmas Tree at Pierre Capitol
Posted: Dec 26, 2023
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Every year, the Capitol Building in Pierre, South Dakota, becomes the embodiment of the Christmas spirit. 

The fragrance of dozens of live Christmas trees sets the holiday mood, while the glow from hundreds of thousands of tiny lights fills the halls. Festive decorations adorn every nook and cranny; carols sung by choirs accompanied by strings ensembles and a baby grand piano echo round the rotunda. 

Yet, in the middle of it all, South Dakota reminds us again why this state is a beacon of freedom. For even in times of celebration, we honor those who have sacrificed everything for us: an 8-foot nativity in the hall across from the Governor's office celebrates the infant who years later died for our sins, and an empty POW-MIA chair offers a somber reminder of the sacrifices modern-day servicemen and women have made and continue to make because freedom is not free.

It all comes down before New Year's Day, so if you're not one of the tens of thousands of visitors who have come to see Christmas at the Capitol, now's the time! And if you do go, look for a stunning red and gold 10-foot tree, third off the rotunda. Crimson stilettos and poinsettas surround a plaque acklowedging its talented decorators: the South Dakota Federation of Republican Women.



3 comments on article "South Dakota Federation Displays Stunning 10-Foot Christmas Tree at Pierre Capitol"

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Mikkos Lianka, 1/6/2024 1:55 PM

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itqan itqan, 1/8/2024 3:02 AM

It's great to hear about the South Dakota Federation displaying a stunning 10-foot Christmas tree at the Pierre Capitol. Such festive displays contribute to the holiday spirit and create a warm and joyful atmosphere for residents and visitors. Christmas trees often symbolize unity and celebration during the holiday season, and the grand display at the Capitol is likely to bring joy and a sense of community to those who see it.

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