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Republican Women Echo President’s Call for National Unity, Courage and Action

Republican Women Echo President’s Call for National Unity, Courage and Action
Posted: Aug 22, 2017
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Let us keep spirit of ‘American Eclipse’ going, NFRW president says


ALEXANDRIA, Va. - “Yesterday, millions of Americans stopped to marvel at an epic event – a full eclipse of the sun. Americans stopped the hate, anger and stone throwing to revel together in the beauty and awe of something we know is bigger than us,” Carrie Almond, president of the National Federation of Republican Women, said in a statement released today. “Later in the day another marvel took place when President Donald J. Trump addressed the nation with one of the most historic and honest foreign policy speeches of my lifetime.” 

President Trump addressed a nation in turmoil, assuring us that peace will reign again in the world; that it must start with us and it must come from within us, Almond continued. The president declared that we must exercise courage and tenacity against the terrorists we are determined to defeat, and ensured that America will not write a blank check to do so, stating unequivocally that U.S. allies must step up to do their part in our mutual protection. 

“The president showed a humble side, sharing how the presidency makes one see all four corners of the box,” Almond said. “He said that together we must be resolute in our actions, but above all we must be united; we must be Americans.”  

Almond added that the president’s speech was “as epic as an eclipse, calling America to action.” 

“Let’s keep the spirit of the ‘American Eclipse’ going, tomorrow and the next day and the next,” she said.

Founded in 1938, the National Federation of Republican Women is the largest and most influential Republican women’s group in the nation, proudly representing the party that first made it possible for women to vote in the U.S. The NFRW works to increase the effectiveness and relevance of women in the cause of good government. Our mission remains to recruit and elect Republican candidates, promote the principles of the Republican Party, educate the public and inform the media.  


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