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Barbara Bush Selects Winning Numbers for 2017 Literacy Program

Barbara Bush Selects Winning Numbers for 2017 Literacy Program
Posted: Feb 9, 2018
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First Lady Barbara Bush has chosen the following winning numbers for the 2017 Barbara Bush Literacy Program. The numbers were randomly assigned to the 2017 submissions.

First Place Winner #8: Westlake Village Republican Women Federated, Westlake Village, California, Dale Thomas, President

Second Place Winner #12: Federated Republican Women of Lafayette County, Odessa, Missouri, Lana Crain, President

Winning clubs received a copy of "Lincoln's Last Days: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever" and "Little Miss Patriot."

The NFRW Literacy Committee thanks the First Lady for her gracious support of the NFRW's Barbara Bush Literacy Program. Literacy has always been and continues, through the Barbara Bush Foundation, to be an important part of her legacy. In addition, the committee congratulates the participating Republican women's clubs for helping to advance literacy in their communities.

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